Our Team

Metals Focus has a highly experienced precious metal team, with analysts and consultants that possess a deep understanding of the market.

Our team is based in, or close to, key precious metals markets and has the language skills needed to communicate with local players, most notably across Asia.

Nikos Kavalis

Managing Director, Singapore
Nikos is a founding partner of Metals Focus. He has over 18 years’ experience as a metals analyst/strategist with GFMS and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Philip Newman

Managing Director, London
Philip is a founding partner of Metals Focus, with 29 years’ experience. Prior to this Philip was Research Director at GFMS, where he was a key contributor and project manager of the silver, gold and PGM surveys, research reports and consultancy projects.

Charles de Meester

Managing Director, London
Charles is a founding partner of Metals Focus. He has over 29 years’ precious metals industry experience and leads global sales for Metals Focus across the value chain.

Lisa Mitchell

Managing Director, London
Lisa has responsibility for finance and operations. Prior to this, she led finance operations for over 21 years in professional services firms, PwC and Andersen.

Neil Meader

Director of Gold and Silver, London
Neil has over 29 years’ experience as a commodity analyst, 12 years of which he spent at GFMS where he was responsible for supply/demand numbers and price forecasts.

Wilma Swarts

Director of PGMs, London
Wilma has 13 years’ experience in PGM sales and marketing from her time at Lonmin, where she was Head of Commercial Services. She is also Chairperson of Women in PGMs.

Sarah Tomlinson

Director of Mine Supply, London
Sarah has 21 years’ experience in analytical roles within the mining industry. Prior to joining Metals Focus, Sarah ran her own consultancy in Johannesburg providing critical analysis, revenue modelling and corporate research services.

Junlu Liang

Senior Analyst, London
Junlu has 10 years’ precious metals experience and is responsible for research in Europe, the official sector and PGM chemical and petroleum demand. Junlu previously worked for GFMS undertaking official sector and investment research.

Peter Ryan

Independant Consultant, London
Peter has 44 years’ precious metals industry experience, much of it spent working for Johnson Matthey. He spent 10 years at GFMS leading their platinum and palladium research and working on gold and silver related consultancy projects.

David Gornall

Consultant, London
David has been in the metals markets since 1979. As Head of Trading at Natixis in London he served as LBMA Chairman from 2011-2014. Now an independent base and precious metals consultant he leads LBMA’s reporting project LBMA-I and is an LBMA Good Delivery Facilitator.

Michael Bedford

Consultant, London
Mike is responsible for our Gold Peer Review and ESG analysis. He worked at AngloGold Ashanti, managing group planning and providing strategic support to the CEO and board and led mining research for Barnard Jacobs Mellet.

Dale Munro

Consultant, London
Dale has 9 years’ analysis and operations experience. He provided technical services support to Australian operations while working for Fortescue Metals Group and specialised in cost analysis of primary mine supply for S&P Global.

Jacob Smith

Senior PGM Analyst, London
Jake has 8 years’ precious metals industry experience, from Johnson Matthey. He started as a business analyst for the CTRM system and moved into trading, where he spent five years trading PGMs.

Neelan Patel

Regional Sales Director, London
Neelan has 9 years’ precious metals experience and manages Metals Focus’ sales in Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

Chirag Sheth

Principal Consultant, India
Chirag has 14 years’ experience in precious metals trading and research and has worked for UBS and Latin Manharlal Commodities. He analyses the South Asia market, focusing on India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Grant Angwin

Independant Consultant, USA
Former President of Johnson Matthey and Asahi Refining Grant has over 36 years’ experience in precious metals. He has also held various roles at industry associations, including Chairman of the London Bullion Market Association.

Yiyi Gao

Senior Analyst, China
Yiyi is jointly responsible for Metals Focus’ Chinese jewellery, silverware and investment markets research, and a regular contributor to our work on prices and the impact of macroeconomic factors on precious metals markets.

Harshal Barot

Senior Consultant, India
Harshal has more than a decade’s experience as a precious metals analyst. He is jointly responsible for Metals Focus’ research on India, elsewhere in South Asia, and parts of the Middle East. Harshal is also a regular contributor to their work on macroeconomics.

Elvis Chou

Consultant, Taiwan
Elvis has 19 years’ experience. He leads our research in South-East Asia, including, Malaysia, Singapore and China. He previously worked in product development for Solar Applied Materials and Materion.

Adarsh Diwe

Analyst, Mumbai
Adarsh is part of Metals Focus’ India team and contributes to Indian market gold, silver, and PGM research. He is a certified Research Analyst by the National Institute of Securities Markets.

Çağdaş Kucukemiroglu

Consultant, Turkey
Çağdaş is responsible for research across the Middle East. Çağdaş has 19 years’ experience in commodities, 13 in precious metals. Previous roles include Investor Relations Manager at Goldas Jewelry and Deputy Director at Atasay Jewelry Group.

Simon Yau

Senior Consultant, Hong Kong
Simon is jointly responsible for our Chinese jewellery and silverware analysis. He worked for the World Gold Council (WGC), for almost 20 years, with a brief tenure at the Platinum Guild International. At the WGC, he helped create the 18K fashion gold jewellery category, ‘K-gold’.

Philip Klapwijk

Chief Consultant, Hong Kong & Spain
Philip has over 25 years’ experience as an analyst of, and commentator on, the precious metals markets. He was previously Executive Chairman of GFMS and Global Head of Metals Analytics at Thomson Reuters GFMS.

Jie Gao

Research Analyst, China
Jie joined Metals Focus Mainland China office as a graduate analyst, contributing to the coverage of all aspects of the Chinese silver market. Prior to joining Metals Focus she worked at China Securities in Shanghai.

Celine Zarate

Consultant, Philippines
Before becoming an analyst, Celine gained 6 years’ experience as an exploration and mine geologist in open pit and underground mines of carlin-type gold, porphyry-related iron skarn and gold-molybdenum as well as epithermal gold-silver deposits.

Francesca Rey

Consultant, Philippines
Francesca has 6 years’ experience across the supply side. Prior to joining Metals Focus, she was part of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Mine Economics team and also contributed research work to the Philippine government’s Copper Industry Roadmap.

Erin Coyle

Sales & Marketing Executive, London
Erin is responsible for supporting the sales team.

Mirian Moreno

Business Manager, London
Mirian is Metals Focus’ business manager. Before joining Metals Focus Mirian helped SMEs to accelerate growth and improve day-to-day operational performance.